2016 - A Look Back

2016 was a transition-heavy year. I joined Fortis Group upon inception in July of 2016. We handled our first transaction from start to finish, ending with a successful sale of Montana’s oldest candy store, The Parrot Confectionery in Helena, MT.  Fortis’ team was put in place, giving us the capability and capacity to market the business, plan for the future, and most importantly, place the emphasis on our clients’ successes and triumphs.

As we continue, we will strive for excellence, and help our clients navigate uncharted waters, going the extra mile to ensure their ship docks safely. A common trend we’ve seen is that many business owners don’t know the process to exit, and as the decision draws closer, owners aren’t prepared. It’s difficult in the day-to-day operations to stop and think about what drives value and how to build it. Even more difficult in the course of daily activities is thinking about how to make a business transferable. These steps are identifiable, but owners sometimes need a guide to find them.

As Fortis Group continues to grow, I continue to learn. I am excited about this new challenge, and look forward to making the business the best that it can be. The endless ocean that is selling your business is scary, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here for you, your business, and your future.