Fortis Group was founded to help small business owners achieve a successful sale of their business. We are a regional business brokerage and advisory firm based in Bozeman, Montana.

Our parent firm, Compass Advisors, has over 25 years of experience with mergers & acquisitions of middle market companies. We recognize that small businesses deserve the same level of expertise and guidance demanded by the middle market.

The word 'Fortis' means strong, brave, and powerful. It is a Latin word and was inspired by the United States Navy's motto, "Semper Fortis"--"Always Strong." We believe the name and its meaning represent our role with our clients. As we develop relationships and interact with buyers in the market, we strive to be that strong, firm voice for our clients.

Who We Serve

We work with small businesses (typically up to 25 employees) primarily in the Rocky Mountain region. Our dedicated team is fully committed to reaching our clients' ownership transition goals. 

What We Do

We provide business valuations, exit planning, and brokerage services for small businesses. For more information, please visit the Selling a Business page.

We also serve as consultants on a limited basis for companies or buyers who need help with a segment of the sale process, such as valuation, financing, deal structure, and other exit-related issues. 

What Drives Us

Business owners work tirelessly to build their companies. They create something valuable and provide jobs and opportunity for people in their community. We have a deep appreciation for that hard work. Our clients are typically looking for the best way to capture that value and move into their next phase of life. Our mission is to help you find that best path. It's a privilege for us to be involved in this decision.





Visit Fortis Group's parent company, Compass Advisors, to learn more about the firm's background and experience. Compass Advisors specializes in middle-market mergers and acquisitions.